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The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative

Commonwealth Connects News, 8th November 2011
by Lara Pace

The Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum is consulting with stakeholders to gauge the support of a Commonwealth-led Initiative on Cybercrime with a view to seeking endorsement of this from Commonwealth Heads of Government in Australia in October 2011. The development of this initiative is in response to the increasing importance that is attached to cyber security in the face of the Internet’s exponential growth.

The CIGF is introducing this initiative at the various regional IGFs in order to seek feedback from the member countries and regions. The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative will be the focus of the CIGF open forum at the 6th IGF in Nairobi, Kenya.

The objective of this initiative is to assist developing Commonwealth countries to build their institutional, human and technical capacities with respect to policy, legislation, regulation, investigation and law enforcement with the aim of,  making their jurisdictions more secure by denying safe havens to cyber criminals, and enabling all member countries to become effective partners in the globally coordinated effort to combat Cybercrime.

The CIGF is keen to receive reactions on this Proposal from Commonwealth Member States and also to acquire a reading of the support needed to build capacity in addressing Cybercrime.

Member states are also encouraged to support this initiative for endorsement by the Heads of Government at their meeting in October.

To download the latest draft of the Proposal document please click here. To submit your comments and feedback please use the comment box below or send an email to:

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